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Masturbation side effects: Myths and facts

(Lube optional)

If you’re well-endowed enough to be able to masturbate with two hands, then why not? The more surface area of your cock that you touch, the closer your masturbating can feel to real sex.

If you’ve got a foreskin, double-fisted wanking is a great way to stroke the base of your cock and your foreskin too, creating an all-over masturbation sensation.

If your cock is cut, this technique will be similar to a “classic” wank, but you’ll feel pleasure over every inch of your penis rather than just most of it.

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It’s gonna take a while for you to reach orgasm, but when you do, you’ll have one of the most intense eruptions you’ve ever experienced.

Male Masturbation Techniques: 20 Best Ways To Jerk Off

I’ve split these 89 male masturbation methods into easy, intermediate, and expert difficulties, making it easier for you to browse through and find self-pleasure techniques which are best for your skill level. There can always be new ways to masturbate, so here I proudly introduce the best masturbation techniques on the internet!

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Tugging at it sure brings a lot of pleasure, but just keep in mind, tugging at it too hard could lead it to snap, yes snap, even though there are no bones there. You will actually hear a cracking sound, experience excruciating pain along with bruising and swelling - in other words all the signs of a fracture. Other actions that can lead to a penis fracture are, rolling over on the bed with an erection, and striking against a partner’s pubic bone while having an intercourse. A fracture needs to be treated immediately without any delay as the likelihood of getting an erection after experiencing a fracture is very low.

If you’ve got a foreskin and it retracts, you’ll want to pull it back before trying this masturbation method.

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Excess of anything can be harmful. Masturbating excessively can cause:

Masturbation also has sexual health benefits specifically for older women, such as less vaginal dryness and decreased pain during sex.

Yeah! I felt the same when first discovered it! Also tickling the frenulum is the other incredible trick it takes time to build sensitivity, but once it does it 8767 s epic!

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Come on there are a lot of ways of deriving pleasure. it all depends upon your self to decide as what and which way you would like the most and feel comfortable in achieving the utmost pleasure in self are a lot of electronic gadgets available in the market apart from your hand which is the best and the this is not a good habit to get into but once in awhile its kind of pressure or friction on the organ in a given time gives you pleasure,such as rubbing your self with a towel or rubing on the bed lying on your stomach or hanging on to the door and rubbing your self to it or moving up and down the door or using the staircase railing for gratification by making front up and back down movements ,You must be having some one you think of and only then do the do be care full not to hurt your self in doing these stunts as it might make you totally disabled for life with out any pleasure for the rest of your you all the best in achieving your GOAL. Bye.

Someone who thinks they might be adversely impacted by their masturbation practice should speak with a healthcare professional.

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Ideally, you would let your arousal slowly build up and you would resist the temptation to speed up.


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As pro-masturbation as I am, I have had to admit that this takes place, but fortunately there are exercises to 39 Male Masturbation Techniques to Try.